Questions to Ask your Window Replacement Company


Selecting the perfect San Antonio area window replacement company for your window replacement project can help guarantee success. Because of this, it is a good idea to interview all your potential window contractors before you make your choice. The following are questions you can ask potential window companies.

Is the company licensed, insured and bonded? – This should be the first question to ask any company providing a service in your home. A reputable replacement window contractor will have a license and will have proper insurance that includes both general liability coverage and workers’ compensation. Affordable Windows of Texas is licensed & insured in the State of Texas.

What materials are used? – Material selection is essential when selecting replacement windows, as their long-term performance, durability and energy performance depends on it. We only provide top-quality windows to our customers.

How long has it been in business? – A reputable window company with years of experience will be able to guarantee the success of your replacement project. We have been in business for many, many years.

What is the Warranty Coverage? – The perfect replacement window company in San Antonio should offer warranty coverage for both materials and workmanship, with a relatively long coverage time. Affordable Windows of Texas offers every customer the best warranty to ensure a premium quality product.

Does the company provide written quotes? – If the window contractor only offers a verbal quote, there is a good chance the price will be different the next time you communicate. We provide a no-pressure written quote. During the discussion, we encourage our potential customers to ask questions, so we can make changes or modifications when necessary.

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